Thursday, September 11, 2008

Twilight (As a comedy)?!

I got to tell you I found the funniest Twilight Trailer Spoof ever. This group called Evil Iguana put this together and I acknowledge their amusing production and inventive creativity. Bravo! Even my husband thinks this is well done and extremely funny and entertaining. I laughed so hard one night, I had a hard time going to sleep.

It's not an insulting spoof or done in poor taste, it just out and out hilarious.

See if you don't agree.


Anonymous said...

Er...I am more a Dr House fan.
But they're cute.

Trina said...

That is the funniest Twilight video I have seen. Feel free to comment on my blog anytime. (I just finally saw your last one- I usually get an email but didn't for that one or I'd have commented earlier).