Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Support Stephenie Meyer--(selfish reasons)!

Before I leave the Twilight saga obsession and return to more mundane topics like my own life, I thought I'd voice my own version of support for Stephenie Meyer. I only discovered the Twilight series during my summer vacation to Utah. I heard about them from a woman I visit teach here in Camarillo. She said she was reading a series of teenaged books about vampires and thoroughly enjoyed them. I only listened half heartedly wondering if she'd slipped a gear.

When I went to Utah, my nieces sang the praises of the Twilight books. Drooling in fact! I was curious, even went so far as to check them out at the Deseret Book clearance store on 109th south in Salt Lake City. But I'm on a strict budget and when I saw the books were not discounted even at the clearance center, I decided to wait.

Upon returning to Camarillo, I went about my business and then noticed all three books on sale at Target. Oh, joy, rapture! I work full time so it took me a week to read the first 3 books. And wouldn't you know, the very next day was the Saturday of the release of "Breaking Dawn". Could I have been more lucky than that? (Don't answer that.)

I fell in love with every character in the books from Bella and Edward to his brothers and sisters, parental figures, Jacob and Charley. I couldn't get down with Renee. She seemed flighty and more of child figure than a parent.

I wasn't too crazy about James, Victoria and the Volturi. But what would a good love story be without conflict, rejection, broken hearts and the anti-heroes. Good stuff! An emotion roller coaster. Magic!

Me--Similar to Stephenie?

My life is very similar to Stephenie's. I am and L.D.S. mom, however a little older than Stephenie. My 25 year old baby just moved out of the house a few weeks ago. I almost attended BYU. I opted for a local college. I adored English and American lit and love to write. In my youth, I wrote short stories and poems. And just like Stephenie I had a dream about a story I needed to write. It was about a young woman driving on the 15 freeway to Utah to marry a man she's never met in order to free her mother from a jam.

This year I completed that book and have written 3 others with starts of 4 more. It's unbelievable the freedom, the rush and the ecstasy of soaring in the clouds that comes from being able to put pen to paper, or in my case, fingers to keys. It's become my obsession, (next to Twilight), my passion and my release. I can't find enough time in my already overly booked day to write, but when I do, I'm totally blissed out, (as Bella would say).

Praise, adulation, jealousy?

Anyway, back to Stephenie and my original premise. What a marvelous talent this woman has! Don't you agree? A true proclivity to express in the written word awe-inspiring, magical stories that lead the reader on a journey of resplendent youthful romance, tragedy and ultimate triumph and unconditional love. Bravo, Stephenie Meyer! Bravo!

There are few books in the world that have inspired a greater love for the characters than what Stephenie has written for us. She truly has been endowed with creativity, ingenuity, a rare charisma and genius that few people have.

Stephenie has weaved a mesmerizing spell that has bewitched, charmed and captivated millions. God bless you Stephenie. Long may you live! I'm one of the enchanted Twi-Hards.

Midnight Sun - will it see the light of day?

I, like millions of her fans, was waiting with bated breath for the next installment of the Twilight series, Midnight Sun, which tells the Twilight story from the perspective of Edward. Though patience isn't one of my virtues, I was horribly stricken to learn that someone near and dear and trusted as a friend, illegally and unethically stole one of her copies of her manuscript and greedily posted it on the internet. What was the purpose of that? Do it bring this person fame and fortune or condemnation and disparaging remarks from Stephenie's legitimate and fiercely loyal fans?

Given the duress of betrayal that Stephenie was put under because of the actions of one close and trusted, Stephenie has decided to put the project on hold---indefinitely! Could this be a bigger tragedy to Twilight fans? Absolutely not! A million times no! It's like denying her fans the ability to breathe or function as normal human beings. Her fans are walking around zombie-like until we have the final installment of Edward's. I personally felt like I'd been sucker punched in the stomach. Unimaginable! Criminal! Without honor!

Gentle persuasion!

I would like to tell Stephenie, if she would ever feel to change her mind, don't stop writing in behalf of Edward. I'd like to remind her about a story of a young man that we both know intimately.

This young man had a "trusted" friend, one who worked with him, loved him and gave him money for a book project. When the manuscript was partially completed, this "trusted" friend begged the young man to show it to his doubting, jealous and skeptical wife. The friend begged, cajoled, and pleaded for a chance to show his wife the manuscript to prove to her he wasn't wasting his time or money.

Against his better judgment, the young man allowed his "trusted" friend to borrow the manuscript. He even went so far as to have him make a covenant with him and sign a promissory note for the return of it. He also made his friend promise to show it only to his caterwauling wife. However, to make a long, miserable story short, the "trusted" friend's wife misappropriated the manuscript, change the text and then lost it all together.

Can you image how the young man felt--Betrayed, desolate, deceived, and hurt? He was left with the feeling that he couldn't trust any one, not even his closest friends. His work, his time, and a promise to God to complete something that would rock the world, all stood at a crossroad.

But this young man persevered. He never went back, never started over but continued on from the point of the missing and stolen pages, realizing that they would be lost to the world forever. However, this same book that was completed has been read by tens of millions of people.

Please, Please, Please--I'm not too proud to beg!!!

Just like the young man in the story, please don't give up, Stephenie. Don't lose heart regarding Midnight Sun. Please don't disappoint your fans. Thousands, if not millions of people wish with all their hearts and offer a constant prayer that you will finish Edward's tale.

We know you have other projects and we look forward to them as well with great anticipation. But somewhere, somehow we hope you will find the time and the desire to complete Midnight Sun. Your fans will be eternally grateful if you do.

And I'm not so unselfish and self-sacrificing to admit that I'm among the most avid of people waiting on pins and needles for the completed work. Please finish Edward's tale in spite of the criminal and imbecilic acts of others. You deserve to triumph over adversity. And by golly, I just can't wait to read it!


Violet and Thomas said...

I wondered if there were any twilight fans in our ward. I just read the first three books this month. I am even cheaper than you are. I only bought the first book and just borrowed the other two from Michelle Peterson. I have to set time limits on how much I read or I will be up all night.

We should get a group together to go watch the movie on Nov 21st. Let me know if there are others like us in the ward :)

I am so glad you have a blog. Take a peek at mine. It is nothing fantastic but it is fun.

Trina said...

You said exactly what I feel. You are so right. It's funny, after I told my husband about the stolen 12 chapters he said, "It sounds like the missing 113." I've wondered if it was someone helping her edit her book, I know lot's of authors have their close friends edit before they send it off to their publishers. Speaking of which, have you done that? I'd love to read your book.
Have a good day. (I responded to your last entry on my blog.)

CMalone said...


Love the blog. Yes, I definitely want to be one of the screaming masses at the opening of Twilight. I must cruise all the web sites and blogs about the movies daily. My favorite are His Golden Eyes and Twilight Lexicon.

I've read all 4 books twice and Twilight itself 5 times. I think I'm addicted. But I also read romance novels, sometimes 4 and 5 a week. That's the genre I'm going after.

Thanks for coming to visit.

Hill said...

Oh man I am in love no I am completely and utterly obsessed with the Twilight series!!! When I start a book it only takes me 2-3 days to read it they are so amazingly written. You fall so deeply in love with the characters when you see Edwards car drive by you cant help but look up and smile.

CMalone said...


I just finished reading the Twilight series the third time. I've read Twilight the original book 6 times. I think, like you. I have OCD, that's Obsessive Cullen Disorder.

We'll get a group together to go see the November 21st opening at midnight. I can't wait.

Thanks for your comment.
Carol Anne